Diabetes is a long-term disease that can turn into a more severe stage. Type 2 diabetes relieves when blood sugar reaches a healthy level without the need for any diabetes medication thanks to the harmonious combination of a nutritious and healthy lifestyle.


Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly progressive disease, the risks of heart attack, stroke, microvascular events, and death are strongly linked to hyperglycemia. The course of the disease is primarily characterized by impaired beta-cell function and deteriorating insulin resistance. Let’s Zaloweb.com to see Type 2 Diabetes Progression And the things you need to do for this disease

How fast does type 2 diabetes Progression?

Type 2 diabetes tends to develop more slowly than type 1 diabetes. So it usually takes a few months or even years for a person to know they have this health problem. Type 2 diabetes can also stem from prediabetes.

In addition, symptoms can appear very slowly, which in turn makes it more difficult to detect signs of illness.

In addition to common identifying features such as poor vision, nausea, dizziness, and frequent urination, symptoms of type 2 diabetes can also include dry mouth and leg pain.

Why does type 2 diabetes get worse?

In typical cases, when the sufferer has failed to control blood sugar due to poor diet and lifestyle, metformin should be used.

As the years pass, the patient seems to sense that the disease is progressing worse, along with the need to take more medicines such as gliclazide. If you still cannot control the disease well, you may need insulin. In essence, slowing the progression of type 2 diabetes is often the desired goal.

Type 2 diabetes comes on and causes a range of complications including retinopathy (damaged vision), neuropathy (damaged nerves) and kidney disease (damaged kidneys). When you have diabetes, you also increase your risk of heart disease.

Weight loss and lifestyle changes help alleviate type 2 diabetes


There was a perception that it was impossible to slow the progression of type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, this is changing rapidly thanks to a combination of many different factors.

In the past, type 2 diabetes was seen as one-way diabetes: A chronic, progressive and irreversible disease that requires increased levels of medication to control over time.

Nowadays, a growing number of studies have shown that, if you know how, you can ease the progression of type 2 diabetes.

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What is remission in type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes remission positively means that your blood sugar reaches healthy levels without having to depend on any antidiabetic drugs.

Stable remission: Within a year or more, your HbA1c will be normal and your blood sugar is steadily metabolized without the use of diabetes medications. However, you still need to be checked for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney and eye problems.
Prolonged remission: If your HbA1c and blood sugar levels reach normal levels for 5 years or more without the use of diabetes medication, the condition is considered to be in lasting remission. On the other hand, you may still need periodic health tests to prevent any heart, eye, foot or other health problems you have from diabetes, even if they have improved. better than before.

How to alleviate type 2 diabetes?

How to prevent the progression of type 2 diabetes from turning in the wrong direction or more specifically, it is in the concern of many patients. To do this, you can refer to supportive measures, such as:

➽ Combine a variety of foods

Carbohydrates spike your blood sugar higher and faster than any other nutrient. Therefore, choose foods with protein, good fats and fiber as well as diabetes-specific nutrition products because they do not raise your blood sugar.

➽ Healthy lifestyle

According to experts, you should drink plenty of filtered water, stay away from cigarette smoke and have proper exercise (100-150 minutes per week). Besides, avoid sitting in one place for too long as well as lose weight if you are rated as overweight.

➽ Know the HbA1c index

An HbA1c test will help you see if you have had good control over the past few months. So, consult your doctor about what you can do to best regulate your blood sugar.

Are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes getting worse?

There are many people with diabetes who cannot realize that their health status tends to change badly in a timely manner. The reason is that they are not aware of the warning signs. Below are some of the signs that diabetes is getting worse due to ineffective control of the glycemic index. Symptoms include:

  • Urinating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Numbness of hands and feet
  • Visibly weak vision
  • Weight loss without reason
  • Skin wounds are harder to heal than usual.

You are healthy with type 2 diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is a serious, high-risk health condition that can lead to complications, even life-threatening. However, if you apply effective disease management methods in addition to taking medicine, you can still live a long life, do useful things and be happy with loved ones.

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