Effective Weight Loss is always a painful problem, not only for women but also for men. Weight loss tips can always be easily passed on. However, some deviating methods can lead to unpredictable consequences.


Not only women but also many men apply the following familiar weight loss tips: Eat clean unnecessary fatty things, fast to minimize calorie intake, absolute diet.

However, to be able to keep the desired weight is a difficult problem of “mankind”. Make sure to memorize a healthy diet and exercise that’s right for your body. What’s not wrong is that there are no shortcuts to success. You have to make a scientific effort to see the desired effect.

There are tips and advice that can help you make your weight loss process from changing or building up a routine: eating well, making healthy food choices… This article by Zaloweb.com will show you 16 effective weight loss tips from changing eating habits and it suitable for busy people.

16 effective weight loss tips from changing eating habits


Weight loss tip 1: Wait for the response from the stomach in seconds

It usually takes about 20 minutes after a meal to transmit the feeling of fullness to our brain. And during that time you will always have to eat because your stomach still feels hungry. This general intangibility causes you to eat more than usual and can easily lead to an empty stomach. According to nutritionists before eating you should wait 10 to 20 minutes and drink a glass of water first. It will help you reduce hunger and eat less food, or you can eat a little fruit that will be a little more full.

Weight loss tip 2: Cut your food into small pieces

No matter what you are eating: beef, goat tenderloin, salmon, bagels or even fried eggs, try chopping up your portion size before enjoying it. According to a University of Arizona study found, test participants who ate bread that had been chopped up tended to eat less than those who ate whole bread. They also consume less food in the afternoon. The scientists explain that pre-cut foods make eaters feel more satisfying, while also helping to control portion sizes.

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Weight loss tip 3: Brush your teeth or floss after a meal

After eating lunch or dinner, cleaning your teeth with dental floss or brushing your teeth also contributes significantly to reducing your appetite, according to nutritionist Heather Mangieri, owner of Nutrition CheckUp of Pittsburgh said. But do not brush your teeth right after eating, but wait at least 20-30 minutes.

Weight loss tip 4: Plan business trips

Often busy business trips will make you not have much time to enjoy full meals that will touch on fast food. To avoid bad fast food calls, Delbridge advises you to find out and pre-order which restaurant you want to order, then research the menu to choose healthy options. You can also use pre-made coffee packs or hotel oatmeal to have a light meal that avoids your stomach rumbling before you find something more nutritious.

Weight loss tip 5: Count the amount of food you eat


The thing is not wrong is that when you are hungry and your body craves something, you will devour your cravings. But this is invisible in general, causing your stomach to relax quickly, making it difficult to control the excess calories you have loaded. Brigham Young University researchers asked a group of students to count the number of daily food intake, showing quite positive results. Those who did so lost 20% of their caloric intake and lost an average of 2kg within 1 month. This is mainly to help you regulate your diet scientifically, not the fastest way to lose weight.

Weight loss tip 6: Encourage wrapping candy

A Swiss study found that people who were asked to eat candies with wrapping paper took, on average, 2 to 3 tablets much less than those asked to take candies without wrapping. Making an effort to peel the candies will also slow down your appetite, helping you to curb your appetite.

Weight loss tip 7: Sit at the end of the table

The ideal seating position in a dining table is in the center of the table, as this place you can easily pick up a variety of dishes within reach. But if you are on your diet then choose to sit at the end of the table, as this position will make it difficult for you to pick up dishes. Slowing down the pace of eating will also cut the cravings in half.

Weight loss tip 8: Enjoy the smell of food


There is evidence that people who are eating and stopping to smell the aroma of food have less of their diet than others. Because this act of sniffing will also disrupt your eating speed, the aroma of food can stimulate your brain, halving your cravings.

Weight loss tip 9: Choose a blue plate

You may have heard that the size of your plate will significantly affect your serving size. But one more thing is that color also plays a part in keeping your food intake less. According to a Cornell University Brand and Food Laboratory study, participants in the study took 22% less food when the color of their plate contrasted with the food. So which color is the color that does not have a suitable dish? Blue exactly. According to research shows that green color can quench hunger and help you eat more slowly.

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Weight loss tip 10: Quit drinking soda

Here’s a good reason to skip the soda diet right away: Although soda drinkers on a diet consume less calories than those who drink soft drinks or alcohol, their calories Again, come from foods that do not contain any nutrients. They often choose bad foods or drinks with sweeteners that stimulate cravings for foods high in sugar, fat and sodium.

Weight loss tip 11: Make snacks

Some snacks that are easy to abuse include: crispy snacks, biscuits, chips. These foods are high in fat, easy to accumulate sugar. You should reach out to snacks that are well balanced with fats, proteins, and high fiber. This is the best way to fully keep and control your body’s insulin response and digestion. Suggest for you a nut that is full of nutrients but still guaranteed for you: Cashew nuts.

Weight loss tip 12: Add spicy spices

You can add spicy in your meals, peppers have many effects such as reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Chili can also help burn excess openings in your body. The spicy substance in peppers (capsaicin) can remind your body to convert white fat into energy-burning brown fat. However, do not eat too spicy!

Weight loss tip 13: Don’t leave sweets around

You can’t eat what’s not there, so you shouldn’t leave tempting food around. Minimizing the number of times you hang around your refrigerator also makes your weight loss efforts more effective.

Weight loss tip 14: Start with soup


According to Penn State research starting a meal with a cup of soup or low-calorie broth can help you reduce 20% of overall calories in a day. The reason is simple because the liquid helps to fill up your stomach faster. However, you must include soups with low-cal foods such as spinach, tomatoes or onions (don’t include things like cheese or high fat).

Weight loss tip 15: Know what to order before sitting at the table

Having a dish in mind will help you not get lost in the menu with tons of delicious dishes on display, and can save you time ordering for you. The predetermined food must be low in calories but still packed with nutrients that will not make you feel sugar deprived or tired.

Weight loss tip 16: Use a small glass of wine

Alcohol is one of the most abundant sources of energy, and it is especially easy to drink. Scientists at the Cornell Food and Brand Laboratory, they found that people tended to add 12% more wine when the glass was larger and 12% more wine when the glass was on the table. So choose a small glass of wine and pour the wine in before placing the glass on the table.


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