Acute kidney damage is a condition in which the kidneys fail to function suddenly. Usually, the disease usually occurs concurrently with one or several other diseases. However, everyday bad habits are also factors that directly affect the kidneys.


It’s never too late for you to change bad habits. Especially when they harm health. For acute kidney damage syndrome, if you have the following 10 habits, give up as soon as possible to protect the health of this organ.

Arbitrary use of pain relievers increases the risk of acute kidney damage

Over-the-counter pain relievers can quickly ease the pain, but they are also more likely to cause kidney damage. This is especially true for people suffering from kidney problems.

To overcome this, reduce the frequency of taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Also, if you really need to use it, you must take the recommended dosage.

Eating too salty


The habit of eating salty foods or consuming foods high in salt not only puts you at risk for high blood pressure, but also puts pressure on your kidneys.

When you eat a lot of bacon, fish sauce or instant foods …, the kidneys have to work harder to filter the excess salt out of the body through the urine. This makes the kidneys tired, easily causing acute kidney damage.

Regularly consume fast food

Similar to the habit of eating salty foods, frequent use of fast food puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys.

Fast foods contain lots of salt and phosphorus. People with kidney disease need to minimize this type of food in the daily diet. Many studies have shown that the high phosphorus content in fast foods (pizza, fried chicken, salted potatoes, canned meat, fish …) is also capable of causing many damage to bones and many organs other organs.

Eat too much red meat


Proteins in red meats create high amounts of acid in the blood. This will damage the kidneys and increase the risk of acidosis.

Acidosis is a condition caused by the kidneys’ inability to remove excess acid from the body. While protein is essential for growth and keeping the body healthy, don’t overeat. Instead, you should balance protein from red meat with vegetables and fruits.

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Sweet eating habits

Sugar contributes a large part to obesity. Meanwhile, being obese increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. These two diseases are the leading cause of kidney disease.

People who like to eat sweets are more susceptible to acute kidney damage than those who consciously control their sugar intake. So, before you want to eat a certain food, you should check the ingredients and sugar content of the product to know how to adjust.

Acute kidney damage caused by habit of less water intake

If the body is provided with enough water every day, the urinary system (especially the kidneys) will have many favorable conditions to remove excess salt and toxins from the body.

Drinking enough water is also one of the easiest ways to prevent kidney stones. For healthy people, the average amount of water to consume is 2 liters / day. People who are active or move around a lot in the sun need more water.

However, people who already have kidney problems may need to limit their water intake. Your treating doctor will tell you how much specific water to drink each day.

Kidney damage due to insomnia or frequent staying up late


Sufficient sleep and deep sleep are important conditions to protect the overall health of each person. Every part of the body, including the kidneys, has additional favorable conditions to function properly when you go to bed on time and sleep deeply.

Frequent staying up late or having insomnia increases the risk of acute kidney damage. This is because the kidneys will be rested to regenerate new cells while you sleep at night. Without sleep or late sleep, the kidney will have to continue working while it should be resting.

Smoking is a bad habit that causes acute kidney damage

Smoking cigarettes causes a lot of consequences for the internal organs in the body. The organs most severely affected are the lungs, heart and kidneys. People who smoke are more likely to have protein in their urine. This is one of the signs that the person has had acute kidney damage.

Alcoholism or drinking a lot of beer or alcohol

If you drink 4 or more drinks of alcohol or beer per day, you have an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. According to research, alcoholics or alcohol abusers are at risk of kidney damage five times more than those who do not drink alcohol.

Inactive habit makes you can suffer acute kidney damage


Regular exercise will help you to improve your blood pressure and increase glucose metabolism. This is an important factor for you to maintain the health of your kidneys.

Therefore, sedentary people do not have these two favorable factors to protect the kidneys. That is also the reason why they are vulnerable to acute kidney damage.

There are many causes of acute kidney damage. These ten bad habits are the factors that increase the risk of getting this disease. Most of these habits come from diet and exercise levels. They are not only harmful to the kidneys but also can affect many other parts of the body. The sooner you give up or correct bad habits, the more healthy time you will have.

If you have kidney problems, are on dialysis treatment, or are told to abstain from foods containing potassium, phosphorus, consult your doctor to develop a suitable diet and rest. articles are for reference only, not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please contact the nearest authorities immediately for advice and support. WebHealth KnowledgeOther Diseases10 symptoms of kidney failure,Chronic kidney disease,chronic kidney disease stage 3,early signs of kidney trouble,kidney,kidney disease,kidney disease diet,kidney disease treatment,stage 4 kidney disease,stage 4 kidney disease life expectancy,stages of kidney failure,what does decreased kidney function meanAcute kidney damage is a condition in which the kidneys fail to function suddenly. Usually, the disease usually occurs concurrently with one or several other diseases. However, everyday bad habits are also factors that directly affect the kidneys. It's never too late for you to change bad habits. Especially when...Keto Diet, Weight Loss Tips, Health Magazine, and Much More