My back pain coach has been all over the internet after it promised to help people with their back pain problems. Almost every other person is suffering from this problem and wants to get a solution for it. My back pain coach review aims to deliver the perfect solution to this problem and promises that you will never have to face this problem in your life.


Here’s what research says about back pain:

1. Back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.
2. It is one of the common reasons for missed work.
3. Research shows that about 80% of adults suffer back pain at some point in their lives.
4. It is accounted for more than 264 million lost work days in one year.
5. Back pain does not only affect adults but even those at a younger age.
6. Most of the time, back pain is not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer.
7. People who experience back pain usually recover, however, it’s always common to reoccur and for some, it becomes chronic and disabling.
8. Worldwide, years lived with disability caused by low back pain have increased by 54% between 1990 and 2015.
9. Low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year 8—add in lost wages and decreased productivity and that figure easily rises to more than $100 billion.
10. Back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, behind skin disorders and osteoarthritis/joint disorders.

What causes back pain?

The spine or what is also called the backbone is the one that supports or holds your upper body. It is a structure of bones, joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles. In most cases, back pain is caused by the progressive changes or deterioration in the spine which is usually caused by the following:

1. Sprained ligaments or strained muscles
2. Ruptured disks
3. Irritated joints
4. Poor posture
5. Twisting the back
6. Slouching for a long period
7. Psychological stress
8. Weight gain
9. Injuries
10. Muscle imbalance

Fortunately, there’s a proven method that will help ease the pain and if done regularly, the back pain will disappear completely. In fact, the movements in just one session will not only give you back pain relief but can give you stronger muscles, better posture and flexibility.

What Exactly Is My Back Pain Coach?

It’s a program created by Ian Hart, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has been featured in Men’s Health, CBS and Fox News because of his contribution in helping thousands of people around the world relieve their back pain.

Ian Hart was in the same situation that you are in today. As an athlete, he suffered from chronic back pain as well while playing basketball. He went to the doctor looking for a cure and was told to give up exercise, something he’d grown to love.

Over the years, in an effort to find relief, he tried almost every back pain treatment and therapy he could find and think of such as massage therapy, pain medication, acupuncture, ultrasound, yoga, chiropractors, etc. but they did little help to ease the pain.

Then one day, after years and years of dealing with back pain on a daily basis, he met a brilliant man that has changed his life forever. His name was Bojan, a coaching staff of the Serbian National Team with Master’s in Exercise Science.

Serbia, not known to many, produced a very long list of Olympic athletes. Bojan studied under the very same professors responsible for coaching those world class athletes and while in the university, he discovered something revolutionary that won him “golden seal of approval”.

This discovery is an understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology at a level that most healthcare professionals don’t have.

Does My Back Pain Coach work?

The exercises in this program are easy to follow and are not stressful on the body yet are super effective and helpful.

In this program, you will learn how pain is truly created in the body and how to awaken its natural healing mechanism that will totally crush the pain and heal your body.

This treatment shows you how to remove the pain by restoring the muscle balance. Back pain happens if the other side of the body is overworked while the other side is underworked.

This product will help you go from bedridden, excruciating back pain that has you taking a ton of painkillers, to a pain-free, strong back with restored flexibility and able to work a normal shift without experiencing any discomfort.

Is my back pain coach legit?

It is an extremely effective alternative to treating back pain and is very affordable and safe compared to costly and painful procedures. People from all walks of life have benefited from this ground breaking method.

It’s a simple 8 unique combinations that you may have never seen before. It is effective as it targets the root cause of your back pain problem! Aside from that, all you need is a place to lie down, a firm pillow or a towel and a chair. It means you can do it anywhere at anytime.

And the best part, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes so it easily fits into your schedule.


The Complete Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program Includes:

Component #1: The Back Pain Relief 4 Life CORE TRAINING VIDEO

In this 28-minute online video, you’ll discover the unique sequence of 8 movements that are the foundation of your back pain relief.

The movements are simple and can be done anywhere at any time. All you need is a place to lie down, a small pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair.

You’ll also get the complete sequence, with easy to follow diagrams. So you can print them and take them wherever you go.

You don’t have to become a back expert or do any studying of any kind to benefit from this program. All you need to do is watch the short video and follow along.

Prepare to be excited. It’s common for customers to experience complete relief (like I did) during the very first session.

Component #2: NINE Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

Since there are a lot of people who are intrigued how this method changed their life and is so effective.

Ian Hart developed 9 short coaching videos to give you even more insight into how the program works as well as give you additional tips for getting the most out of each session of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program.

You’ll quickly appreciate why your back magically starts to respond and feel better as you ease into the first movement.

Component #3: One-On-One Coaching

Ian is very generous so aside from the ones listed above, he wants to do one more thing for you that could make all the difference.

He understands that every customer, every situation is unique. If you order your copy of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program TODAY, you’ll also receive unlimited email access to him and his support team.

Not only that, during your private consult, he’ll answer any questions you have, address any major issues with your back pain and help you tailor the movements to your unique situation.

This is one of the things they are known for as they have remained accessible to customers throughout their growth.

He understands that customers are thrilled to be able to speak to someone real. Someone who, more likely than not, has gone through an experience similar to yours. It gives him pleasure and it’s their mission to end the suffering of so many people living in pain.

Special Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Program

He has also included something that makes it so your back rarely if ever goes out again.

In most cases, when you throw your back out, it’s because your back isn’t prepared to handle the movement.

The Begin Your Day Program is a short but essential routine that prevents this from happening in the future. So when you do lift something heavy or twist your back during the day, it doesn’t “bite” you back in pain again.

You Have 2 Options to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back:

1. Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses

2. Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses


  • Relieve Your Pain
  • Restore Muscle Balance and Flexibility
  • Increase Blood Flow, Oxygen and Nutrients to the Spine
  • Reduces and even eliminates chronic inflammation
  • Improves deep restful sleep you may not have had in years
  • Improves thinking and clearheadedness
  • Enhances the mind-body connection
  • Brings more life to the entire body
  • Improves posture (and has you walking taller)
  • Increases flexibility so you feel loose and free
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


To be honest, I can’t say anything bad about this program. I believe it’s the best program out there that treats back pain. Aside from that, they do have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


Many people have been dealing with their chronic back pain for years and that’s no way to live. Today, you can stop wasting thousands of dollars and countless hours on methods that will only give you temporary relief.

Stop trying other products and methods that do not work. The price of My Back Pain Relief 4 Life is very affordable and it’s a steal considering how effective it is. Not only that, you get a free consultation with Ian Hart in case you have any questions and he will tailor the movements to your unique situation.

Purchase the product today and you’re on the path to ending your back pain forever!

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