Eat Sleep Burn is a unique weight loss regime that improves your sleep🍃. You can start burning stubborn fats day and night🍁. Studies show that sleep plays a major factor in weight gain and weight loss🍐. So, Eat Sleep Burn changes everything with a 100% safe approach🌷 and an unrelated natural approach other than adjusting your sleep habits and habits🌷.

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Unexplained weight gain is devastating and it takes time to adjust to it🍀. Most people keep on buying smaller clothes than their actual sizes🌵. With the lifestyle we have today, a lot of people are prone to gain weight🌷.

If you are not used to measuring your food consumption or tracking closely your day to day activities🍇, it is not easy to pin point the cause of your unhealthy weight and will definitely take time to get you back up in shape🍍.

Regardless of how big you are, you shouldn’t give up🍓. You have to keep trying to shed off the unwanted mass until you see changes in your body☘.

Now, it doesn’t matter where you are in the process🌲. You may have tried the conventional methods of weight loss like detox, hitting the gym or going for more runs without much success🍂. If you are wondering what’s next, there is the Eat Sleep Burn program🍂. It is one of the latest and easiest ways to enhance metabolism in the body🍇. But let’s see how possible it is to lose weight while in bed; it sounds fun and so effortless🍇.

How do I burn fat while sleeping? Sleep doctors’ opinion

Most people do not get quality sleep and they need to work on this first🌽. Ordinarily, you need at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep🍍. As you sleep, your body tries to heal some cells🍀, enhance full operation of the immune system which is key to our well-being and in the process some calories are being burned🍄.

Ask yourself why you feel tired when you wake up🍀; the answer is simple, the body was at work but this is an explanation we more often ignore🍂. Can you imagine this; a 150 pounds male who goes to bed for around 8 hours burns an estimate of 450 calories which if deciphered over to a treadmill in the gym is equivalent to 40 minutes of running🌱?

So you may be ‘sleeping’ on the impact of a good night rest on your weight loss journey🍇. This sounds ridiculous since weight loss is associated with hard work and strict diets🍏. Read on to know about five ways you can lose weight while sleeping🌽.

1. Go to bed on time

Research suggests that up to 35 of American adults sleep less than 7 hours🍍. If you don’t have enough sleep you end up increasing your BMI and weight in your body🍁.

Research tells us that people who do not have enough sleep have a 20% chance of gaining weight than those who had enough sleep🍍. Research also shows when you go to bed late you end up getting cravings🍃, which can lead you back to the kitchen shelves or fridge🍃.

This translates to more weight🌽; change your sleeping pattern to conform to your day time job or errands🌶. If you work from 9 am to 5pm in a day🍗, a 7 to 8 hour sleep is a must; the body needs this amount of sleep time🌶. This is how it works🌳; ensure by 9 pm or 10pm you are off to bed and wake up around 6 or 7🍇. The sleep session should be undistracted🌵; switch off all unnecessary alarms, ringtones, TV, get off social media or music, switch of the lights and go to sleep🍌.

Lack of adequate amount of sleep is often associated with weight upsurge as revealed by most research🍄. It also denies your body a chance to reset for normal functioning leading to hormonal imbalance🍆.

2. Eat 3-4 hours earlier before sleep

This by now should be a routine for any weight watcher🍂. When you have yours late then sleep immediately imagine what happens to your body🍇. The question is, would your body be performing multiple tusks of digesting food and getting you the rest you need🌴?

It will be overworking your body and trust me you will not have a proper sleep session when there is food on your belly🍟. I know food is one of any weight watcher long term best friend🍃 but it is the main enemy within that we need to curtail 3 hours before sleep🍆.

Imagine having late time pasta or shrimp for dinner🍃, chocolates and cookies for desert plus a glass of wine🌳 – and it doesn’t have to be a normal dinner🍁, it may be any food or snack going to your body then immediately go to bed🍍; I guarantee you of a sleepless night🌶.

This alone is a bad habit itself without even including lack of sleep🌷. In the long term you wonder why you have fat belly or a 25 year old male with tits🍂. Get off the fries and chocolate snacks’ way when on Netflix and chill far before sleep🍃.

3. Sleep bare body or lesser clothes

Don’t “sleep on” on this funny technique as it will help you in your weight loss journey🍍. Research finds sleeping naked is of significant to a healthy weight lifestyle🍌. When your body feels warm at night you end up moving around the bed or waking up throughout🍀 the night which makes you sleep deprived hence more weight gained in the long run. Leptitox-Weight-Management

If you are used to pajamas🍗, it may be time for you to get them off and get to the sheets🍆 all natural as it cools you down and you end up yearning for the bed warmth which translates to a good night sleep🍅.

Research shows that when you sleep naked🍀, the hormone melatonin is produced which helps to regulate sleeping and woke process enhancing a good night sleep🌾. Sleeping naked also gives you relaxation which relieves you from stress🌼. When you sleep naked you get deep sleep which prevents stress which will translates to benefits of good sleep which is weight loss🌶.

4. Make your room temperature cool!

Just like sleeping naked will help you lose weight🍃, sleeping in a cool room will also help you to lose weight🌽. Let’s see how it works🍌.

As the room is cool your body regulates your warmth by burning calories🍇. According to Carol M. Staples a former kno-wal-lin home health care and hospice at mental health specialists🍃. The body increases melatonin which is a hormone that regulates sleep wake cycle and enhances the body to create the proper fat burning and weight loss🍇.

By sleeping in a cool room you allow your body to produce this hormone which will enhance loss of weight🌽. The fat burns the calories to create the warmth you will need in the ‘cold’ room hence in the long run you lose weight🌶.

Research tells us a person weighing 125 pound loses up to 38 calories every hour during sleep🍀. Translating this to at least 8 hours of sleep my simple math tell me the individual burns up to 350 calories in that night sleep session☘. Meaning in the long run if you focus on this and combine it with a healthy lifestyle you will end up burning more calories and eventually losing weight🍌.

Plus, if you weigh more you actually lose more like discussed above a person weighing 150 pounds will burn up to 400 calories or more🌽.

These are just statistics and could be more or less depending on individual sleeping patterns and general lifestyle🌽.

How does losing these calories work?

The doctor says that as the night progresses and you hit the second half of the sleep session🍃, the body increases its metabolism of glucose🍇. This means that the body is working more this time hence the more you get deep into the sleep the more calories the body burns🍃.

The less sleep you get on the other hand gives you cravings for high calorie snacks and additionally the doctor says when you sleep late you increase more time to eat🌽. It is so easy to understand how to burn calories with more sleep🍖.

Reversal of the law

We are not saying you spend too many hours in bed or oversleep because this will also have a negative impact on your body and will not help you burn calories🍀. Over sleeping actually has the reversal effect of increasing calories and eventually leading to weight gain☘.

The sleep doctor says that over indulging in sleep slows your metabolism rate because instead of engaging in energy efficient activities they just stay in bed not doing anything hence seldom any weight is lost🍇.

What you need to know

Hormones are responsible for your overall health and control almost every part of your body☘. They determine how your relationship turns out🍃.

It can lead to no intimacy and irritation🌽, which can ruin a good marriage🍔. Being overweight doesn’t help much and the physical and mental stress can cause insomnia🍔, which mean less sleep and therefore now weight loss regardless of how much you try🍟. The strong emotions can be controlled by balancing hormones🍇.

A Life Time Change

Most people go for bariatric surgery when they reach a dead-end in weight loss🍃. It still doesn’t help because the root problem is still there🍁. The hormones are still haywire and they control eating habits and weight loss🍁.

The smaller stomach doesn’t help much since the brains will want to act differently🌱. In the Eat and Sleep Burn program, you do not change the body first🍃. The hormones come first to avoid reversal of positive results🍇. You will notice that the results are not instant but the change is permanent🍇. The invisible that drives you to the fridge or fast food cafes is eliminated and you can choose what is good for you🍆.

Eat Sleep Burn Pros

  • Designed by Expert🍀
  • Very easy to understand🍊
  • 100% natural🍓
  • Easy To Follow
  • Step-by-Step Instructions🍄
  • Affordable Price🍃
  • Great customer support🍍
  • 60 day money back guarantee🌾

Eat Sleep Burn Cons

  • Only available online🍁
  • You will need an internet connection and a credit/debit card or Paypal account to purchase🍍



When trying to lose weight, you are prone to try various methods🌶. The Eat Sleep Burn is the most outstanding one🍒. Now that you know how sleep can help you shed off the unwanted mass, you need to follow the program🌶. It quickens the weight loss journey because you are guided on the best foods to eat and exercises to engage in for excellent hormonal balances🍆.

Eat-Sleep-Burn-Lose-Weight-While-You-SLEEP & Weight LossEat Sleep Burn is a unique weight loss regime that improves your sleep🍃. You can start burning stubborn fats day and night🍁. Studies show that sleep plays a major factor in weight gain and weight loss🍐. So, Eat Sleep Burn changes everything with a 100% safe approach🌷 and an...Keto Diet, Weight Loss Tips, Health Magazine, and Much More