Back To Life is one of the top selling back pain relief programs online🌹. It has sold thousands of copies and has just as many satisfied customers🌻. Written by Emily Lark, this program gives back pain sufferers exactly the information that they need🌷. She says that no matter how old you are or what shape you are in🌴. She has a secret to natural back pain relief, and it requires 10 minutes out of your day🌾. Could this work for you?🌲 Let’s take a closer look in this review of Back to Life by Emily Lark which promises to erase back pain🌿.


About Back To Life Complete Healthy Back System

The program that will teach you how to eliminate your back pain in a powerful🌽, natural way. It provides you with a number of simple stretches and exercises that you can do anywhere🍀, as well as an exercise routine that will only take you 10 minutes🌴.

Here are some interesting points that you should know about this program:

  • This method is designed not only to help with your back pain🍀, but also to improve your overall health including your posture, balance, mobility, mood and much more🌶.
  • The program works by walking you through specific gentle movements that are crafted to improve the health of your back🌱. They will also help to strengthen your core in a way that is much more effective than most mainstream ab workouts🍁.
  • The program claims that it is designed based on cutting edge health research and exercise science🍂.
  • The users who have reviewed the program report that they have been able to see significant improvement in a very short time🍌.
  • Of course, it is important to remember that this book is not a magic wand that can cure everything instantly – such a solution doesn’t exist🍃. You will still need to be willing to do the exercises and make the lifestyle changes in order to make this program work🍀.

The Author Behind Back To Life Complete Healthy Back System

The author of this program is a woman named Emily Lark🍁. Here are some important things that you should know about Emily🍇:

  • She used to suffer from chronic sciatica, lived with the issue for 12 years🍁.
  • She tried a lot of things to solve the issue, including medicines🌽, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants🌶.
  • Finally, she discovered a solution to her issues🌱. An old friend taught her some traditional natural techniques that she could use🍇.
  • The exercises and stretches worked for Emily and she was finally able to cure herself of her sciatica🌶.
  • When she was able to get rid of her issues permanently🍃. She wanted to help others to achieve the same thing🍀. She worked hard to create this book so that she could offer these very effective techniques to others🌲.

Quick Overview of Back To Life’s Complete Healthy Back System

When you order the program, what is it that you will receive?

  • The book contains a lot of information about sciatica🍂, what it is, how it develops and how it affects the body🌵. This will help you to understand your body so that you can learn how to address the issue🍔.
  • A routine that you can do to ensure that you have a healthy back🌽 – it only takes 10 minutes, you can do it anywhere and all you need is a chair🍂.
  • A video sequence with three different progressive levels consisting of excellent moves that will stretch your body and strengthen your core🍁.
  • A special bonus video all about relieving back pain at bedtime and loosening sore muscles🍇.
  • A free audio meditation track that you can use to relieve pain and stress🍖.
  • A stretch that you can do anywhere so that you can reduce your sciatica and back pain instantly🍄.
  • A bonus yoga video that you can follow along with to combat your sciatica pain🍀.

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Benefits of Back To Life’s Complete Healthy Back System

The program claims to offer a lot of benefits to those who suffer from back pain🍂. Here are a few of the advantages that the program promises:

  • This program is suitable for men and women of all ages, even if you are over the age of 40🌽.
  • You will not only strengthen your back🍎, but you will also tone and strengthen your abs, thighs and overall core🍀.
  • You will be able to do this without having to take steroids or other potentially harmful drugs🍍.
  • The program has multiple levels and modifications🍔, so it doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are in🍀. You will be able to experience the benefits and work at your own pace no matter how old you are🍕. You can start at the beginning and as the videos progress you will continue to improve, so that your body doesn’t plateau🌽.
  • The program is simple and enjoyable enough for anyone to follow🍂.
  • You will also learn stretches that are incredibly simple and will help you to get rid of your back pain almost immediately🌱.

The Pros and Cons of this Back to Life Back-to-Life-Complete-Healthy-Back-System-User-Review


  • The natural method to relieve back pain was created by a fitness expert who cured her own back pain🍃.
  • The information found inside is based on exercise science, kinesiology, and pain research🍗.
  • You could unlock your body’s natural ability to get back into alignment🍇.
  • This is supposed to be something anyone can do at home in just minutes a day🌲.
  • The benefits of getting your body back in alignment go beyond just fixing back pain🌱.
  • You could teach your friends and family how they can get rid of their back pain if you experience relief🌽.
  • No pills are required🌽.
  • Supposed to work for both men and women🍀.
  • Supposed to work for any age🍗.
  • Learn core strengthening moves that will help you create a stronger body capable of natural alignment🌶.
  • Release tense and tight muscles with techniques found inside the program🌽.
  • Learn a stretch that can help relieve sciatica🌴.
  • Everything is instantly downloadable so you will have the information within minutes of ordering🍄.


The price of Back to Life found on the Erase My Back Pain website may be a con for some people🌳. Especially people who pay a higher price tag thanks to currency conversion🍇. However, I think that perception is important here🌶. You can spend thousands of dollars on trying to find back pain relief🍀. But if this program works and helps you find relief for good, then you are saving yourself thousands of dollars🌾.

If you are not capable of doing 10 minutes a day and following her instructions🍟, then you may not experience benefits🌶. Many of us have a strong belief around what we think works and can find it hard to follow something new exactly as laid out🍓. It will take commitment and willingness to use her method and discover if it works for you🍄.



Having back pain is one of the most painful conditions🌴 you can have and getting rid of it for many people it can very hard to get rid of🍃.

You do not need the drugs that are always sold by some called health gurus🍂 who are looking for a quick buck which only help to mask the problem🍍.

The back to life program is a natural program which can be used to without drugs🌽 but by your effort to make your body fight off your back pain🌽.

However, I want to say that this program may not work🍇 if you back pain is due to other chronic disease like heart condition or lungs as this is something you will need to see a doctor for🌾.


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